Microgaming Casinos Welcome New Wacky Panda Slot

Microgaming Casinos Welcome New Wacky Panda Slot Fri. Jan. 26, 2018 -

Released at the start of 2018 at Microgaming casinos everywhere, the new Wacky Pandas slot invites players on an adventure with five gorgeously rendered pandas who are ready to unlock big wins.

Known for their wide selection of colourful slots, Microgaming recently released an eccentric and comical slot game about five pandas and their exciting adventure. The zany characters are sure to take you in with their journey as the colourful graphics and entirely adorable animation takes your breath away.

Surprisingly Fun Game with Zany Cartoonish Characters

The new slot game offers a simple gameplay and has the same bonus features similar to the other Microgaming games. The only difference though is that the new game sports a superb visual representation of the characters with a cartoon-feel that takes you back to your childhood. Try out the new game and have a look at one of our accredited Canadian casino sites.

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The New Wacky Panda Slot has 3 reels and only 1 payline. It can be surprisingly fun considering that it offers a great chance of getting a good dividend out of every spin. The minimum betting amount is just $1 and the highest bet is $10. The game is also exceptionally fast-paced considering that it features known-to-be sluggish characters from the East.

With a game mechanic similar to classic fruit slot games, the New Wacky Panda lets you collect characters of the same symbol three in a row to win a payline. A winning combination wins with a payable character aligned from the right and can pay out as much as 1111x your original bet.

Characters and Symbol Combinations to Watch Out For

The best paying symbols are represented by five distinct pandas vibrantly coloured to have their own distinct characters. The best paying symbol to watch out for is the brown panda with a watermelon hat as it pays as much as 3,333 coins when matched with a winning combination. Low-paying symbols include classic fruit characters including the grapes, a watermelon, and bananas.

Considering that it only has 3 reels and 1 payline, there are some added challenges to the game. If you are looking for an attention-grabbing and thrilling slot game experience, the New Wacky Panda Slot caters to your taste. It can be absolutely exciting and the graphics of each character makes the game more captivating.

Feeling more like the classic fruit games available in every casino, this new game from Microgaming brings a feel of the old times with a touch of the modern world. It can make every player nostalgic but in a good way. Both relaxing and fun, the new Wacky Panda Slot is something to watch out for this year.