Casino Blacklist - Avoid Scams with Legal Casinos

Gambling online is not something that you should take lightly and while we talk a lot about finding the best online casinos and what makes a great site, there are scams out there and that is why we have a casino blacklist. If you look through our site you will find listing for legal online casinos, mobile casinos, where to find the best bonuses and so on. These are, in fact, the online casino sites that you should took into consideration for ensuring a safe and legal gambling experience. We put a hard work in finding them and proving them to you, all in one place. But what about the sites that don't make our lists, the rogue sites and those known for scamming players?

Rogue sites and those that scam players are what we call blacklisted casinos and these are the worst online gambling establishments that you can play at. Not every online casino that fails to make our best casinos list is rigged or to be avoided, they make just fall below our strict criteria. They may still be legal casinos but they just don't treat their players fairly.

On this page we want to talk about those sites that receive complaint after complaint. The ones that keep letting their players down. Our casino blacklist includes sites that fall short for a number of very specific reasons and these are outlined below.

  • Non-Paying Casinos: Playing slots and table games for fun is great but when you win money you want to receive it right? Some online casinos have fast withdrawal times, others can take up to 30 days. The ones that make the casino blacklist are the ones that never pay. The ones where your paycheck never arrives. Not all bad casinos lie and tell you they've sent you money, there are those that will tell you that you violated the bonus terms and conditions or didn't meet the deposit requirements. We pay attention to these rogue casino scams and as they tend to try to stall players with their excuses in the hopes that they will get bored or take another bonus so that they won't be able to cash out.
  • Unfair Games: Losing streaks are normal just as winning streaks are, but if a site fails to use a proper Random Number Generator (RNG) to ensure that all deals, spins, and dice rolls are random, we begin to question them. If we find that the RNG is flawed, the casino will be blacklisted. Fair gaming in a must.
  • False Advertising: There are online casinos that will advertise free money and then make you go through a great deal to get it without detailing it in their terms and conditions. Tricking players is not something we agree with and these scams will instantly add a casino to our blacklist.
  • Changing Terms: This is one of the sneakiest things that rogue casinos do. They'll do this when in dispute with a player over something they claim that player has done wrong. They'll change the terms and conditions to support their argument.
  • Spamming Players: If a site doesn't adhere to best marketing practices and proceeds to spam players after they have signed up for an account, they will be removed from our list of recommended casinos and added to our casinos to avoid.
  • Licensing and Regulation: When casinos say they have a license but don't, or when they are located in areas that are lax about regulation we take note. We only list legal casinos. We also blacklist casinos that fail to include property encryption technology on their sites that is needed to keep player information safe and secure.

Casino Bonus Fraud

Casino bonus fraud does exist and while it can be done by players, in this instance we are talking about the casino itself. This is where they fail to stay true to their advertised bonus. It may mean that they don't pay the bonus or they change the bonus after you've registered for a real player account.

You have to remember that online casinos offer bonuses as an incentive. They are a marketing ploy to get players to sign up for an account and the more appealing they can make them the more likely you are to take them up on the offer.

The amount of bonus fraud has decreased as legit casinos know that reputation is everything and if there were to be caught rigging bonuses or scamming players they would be the ones to lose out. If a casino is caught doing this, it will be all over the internet in a matter of minutes and their business will be over. There are lots of online gambling forums where players will comment on their experiences and if it's a bad experience everyone will know. There have been plenty of cases over the years and this is what has led to the rise in casino blacklists and more and more online gambling portals reporting on them.

How We Create A Casino Blacklist

Just as we vet and test every site that makes it onto our list of best online casinos, we also take the time to look into dodgy sites too. Our team of experts rate every casino in a number of different categories including payment processing, deposits, withdrawals, bonuses, customer service, game selection, casino software, fair gaming, and safety. As well work through these sites we naturally weed out the worst offenders and set them aside for further investigation.

If we notice a red flag such as terrible customer service, dreadful payment processing, etc, we will investigate further. Most rogue casinos that fall into this category end up on our blacklist. Every site that shows falls below our recommended guidelines is reviewed three times and we also reach out to the site manager to see if the issue is isolated.

With that said, it is important to point out that any site that appears on our casino blacklist is there for a very good reason and that is that they have failed to supply the player with the service they should.

How A Casino Can Be Removed From Our Blacklist

Our casino blacklist is updated all the time because not all sites stay blacklisted. Sometimes a change of ownership, clarification of terms and conditions or rules, can help them return to the reputable legal casino's list. It can often take a couple of years for this to happen and let's face it, coming off a blacklist isn't like coming out of a timeout. The site has to rebuild their shattered reputation and players won't be so quick to return no matter what they say.

For us to remove a casino from our blacklist they need to show over an extended period of time that they have changed. They have to prove their games are fair and not rigged and they have to show they are doing things by the book. Many rogue casinos have stolen money so paying back players is a must.

How To Report a Rouge Casino

There is an excellent online gambling community and everyone is willing to help each other out. If you come across a casino that you feel should be blacklisted, be sure to get in touch with us, detailing your experience and we will investigate the situation further. Scams are not something we take lightly and if you feel you are being treated unfairly there are things that you can do.

Check The Casino Blacklist Before Signing Up With Any Site

If there is one thing we love about the internet it's that people can voice their opinion and complain about anything in a matter of minutes. It can be done with restaurants, casinos, hotels, you name it, there are reviews to be read. The advent of social media has made it even easier to share scams and rigged casinos in seconds.

If you have a problem at an online casino, tell us about it. We keep track of everything. Every complaint or issue with every casino. Enough complaints warrant further investigation and we always follow up. Our casino blacklist below details the problems you need to be aware of with these sites even if you do choose to play with them. You should check this page regularly because things change all the time and the online gambling industry is constantly growing and evolving. If you are going to play for real money then you need to make sure that you are protected and safe. This means playing at a legal online casino that has a great reputation. In fact, playing at a legal online casino should be your top pririty, especially when planning to enhance your real-money play with bonuses. For this purpose, you should narrow your research and look only for accredited no deposit bonus casinos, a few of them provided to you on this site.